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Fairfield Tree Services

Fairfield Tree Services

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    Anyone with trees on their property should count themselves fortunate. Trees are an asset and should be treated as such. If you have trees and you’re looking for someone to help care for them, call on Fairfield Tree Services. We have tree arborists who will treat your trees with the care and attention that they deserve. Your trees will be treated like their very own. If you have invested in your landscaping and have chosen the trees that you would like for your property, no doubt you want them to be around for long as possible. We can help keep your trees in good condition and around for as long as possible. Our tree care experts help keep your trees healthy so that they can continue to grow strong and beautiful.

    About Us

    A team of enthusiastic landscape architects started Fairfield Tree Services more than a decade ago. With our talent and passion, they also set out to become the preferred tree service in Spokane. Our determination has led them to hire the most experienced tree arborists in the city to work with us. In doing so, they have proven to be a big part of our becoming the most widely used tree care service. Since starting our tree care business, we have continued to grow our business and hire more tree arborists. We look forward to servicing the needs of those who depend on us for his or her tree care needs.


    There are a variety of benefits that you’ll receive by allowing us to care for your trees. When your trees are attended to by our professional tree arborists, we can keep them growing and prevent an infestation from developing. We make sure that the largest, most mature trees are safe by trimming, and pruning them whenever necessary. Keeping you safe from harm can be accomplished with our help

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    Tree Removal

    When you would like to have a tree removed, allow us to remove it for you. Perhaps you want to add something to your yard that you can’t until you have trees removed. If you have made up your mind to have the trees removed, we hope that you’ll allow us to perform the work for you. Make us your preferred tree removal service. Contact us for tree removal cost.

    man riding a cherry picker cutting some branches

    Tree Trimming

    If you want to maintain beautiful, healthy trees then you must continue to have them professionally cared for by qualified professionals. Part of our processing for helping our clients maintain healthy, lush, green trees is routinely trimming them. Trimming your tree also keeps it to a reasonable size, thus preventing large branches from falling and harming someone. We are the preferred tree trimming service.

    “We didn’t think that it was possible to have our tree stump removed without it costing us an arm and a leg. However, when we found out about Fairfield Tree Service, we called them right away. They offer us such a good rate to remove the stump, that we immediately hired them.” – Tom J.

    Tree Pruning

    Along with trimming your trees during our maintenance process, we will also prune them for you. Well-pruned trees make any lawn look better. It is also beneficial to reduce any strain that might be placed on your tree. A properly pruned tree is an asset to your landscaping and adds curb appeal.

    someone is pruning a plant using pruning shears

    Stump Grinding & Removal

    If you have had a tree removed but you didn’t consider also having the stump removed at the same time, then the stump remains. What good is getting rid of the tree without also getting rid of the stump? Don’t worry, we have the equipment that is needed to effectively remove and ground your tree stump. Call on Fairfield Tree Services where we offer efficient stump removal services.

    small bird on a tree stump

    “One of the things that we liked about our new house was the beautiful trees that we have on the property. However, when we saw that they were not as green and beautiful as they were when we bought our home, we hired Fairfield Tree Services to take care of them for us.” –Charles R.

    big tall tree fall on the road

    Tree Emergencies

    If a tree has fallen across your property, on your house, or is blocking your driveway, you may require emergency tree services. Since we offer such affordable tree services, it would be reasonable to conclude that we also offer affordable tree emergency services. We will be there when you need us to take care of your tree emergency needs. When we arrive at your location, we'll have everything that is needed to assist with your emergency service needs.

    tall but small trees and a dark gray sky

    Tree Protection & Safety

    Our objective is to always protect trees whenever possible. Since trees are so valuable, we make sure that we also provide tree protection and safety services. We can remove and replant any of your trees whenever construction is occurring in the vicinity of your trees. Allow us to help preserve your beautiful trees. We have invested in the necessary tools and equipment to help with your service needs.

    “We hired a company to trim and prune our trees, but they didn’t do a very good job. It was then necessary to hire someone else. We hired Fairfield Tree Services to help with our tree maintenance, and our trees have never looked better. I highly recommend their services to others who have trees that they need to be taken care of.” – Gary T.


    Fairfield Tree Services loves supporting our fellow tree service and tree removal providers around the country. They provide high quality services so be sure to check them out if you're in need of tree services outside of Fairfield. If you're out in Australia check out our partners Tree lopping Townsville. If you're in Ontario, check out Additional partners to check out:

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    Fairfield Tree Services is the preferred and most widely used tree company. Whether we are handling your stump grinding, bush removal service, or tree removal services, we are the preferred tree service company. It is because we offer our customers the quality of care that their trees deserve at the most affordable prices possible. Allow us to help with any of your tree services, and we will be happy to work with you to provide you with efficient, and affordable tree care service. Call us up to speak with our knowledgeable associates about your tree care needs.