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Tree Protection & Safety

small tree with bracing all around it

When there is a construction project going on, you can preserve the condition of your trees with our help. If you’ve invested in beautiful trees around your business, no doubt you would like to keep them. Rely on Fairfield Tree Services, we will be happy to come in and safely remove them for you until the construction work has been completed. Our tree arborists know how to care for trees of every type, which is why you should rely on us to help with your tree protection and safety. We offer many useful services to anyone who requires our services.


Why Preserve Your Trees

If there are no protection methods used to protect your trees during construction, then you may not have any trees left when the work is done. Here are some of the most common tree damages that occur during the construction process:


  • Soil compaction
  • Root cutting
  • Physical injury to crown and trunk
  • Exposure to elements


These problems can result in expensive tree removals and fines incurred by the city. Correct planning and care are important to the preservation of trees on a construction site. Although not every tree needs to be preserved, our arborists are experienced enough to protect those that you wish to protect.


Tree Protection Zone

This is the zone is an area marked by our tree arborists where it shows the marks of the roots and soil of critical roots. These are the areas of the roots that are important to the health of the tree. Whenever we are hired to preserve the trees of a construction site, we are asked to come on-site to count the tree protection zone and decide whether the project has to be re-evaluated to help with the preservation of the trees on site. We love trees and are happy to do our part in helping to preserve them.


Reliable Tree Protection Service

You can look and look but we doubt that you will find anyone as passionate about protecting trees as we are at Fairfield Tree Services. Make sure you can receive the best quality of service by allowing our expert tree arborists to handle your tree protection service needs. We are the most reliable and effective tree service in Fairfield, CA. Since we have assembled the most qualified tree arborists in the city, you are assured of our performing the most efficient job possible.


Affordable Tree Protection Services

While some companies see tree protection as a necessity, others do not. However, when they see the damages incurred to their trees, they later regret their decision not to hire us to help with the protection of their trees. Since we offer such affordable tree protection services, there is no reason to avoid receiving this important service. We'll work with anyone who requires our services, as we realize how important this service is, and are happy to provide you with services at a rate that you can afford. Call us for guaranteed satisfaction.

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